My Transition Diary

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

July, 2020

Taking charge of your own career path and doing something on your own can be scary and exciting both.

Last few weeks I have been reaching out to people, trying to understand the market gap and available solutions. Taking time to mindfully craft my next adventure seems to be the right thing to do. Several potential paths are starting to emerge, some of them I had never even thought of at the start of my journey.

I have also been reading, reflecting, trying to learn new skills, there are also skills that I am discovering that I never knew existed. Also giving myself the time and room to explore my other passions.

To leap into the unknown, requires a degree of courage, it is a mix of believing in yourself and taking some bold steps to put yourself out there so you can eventually find your way. In the process you learn to be wiser and gain inner strength.

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