These illustrations show the breadth of our experience and ability and our knowledge of how to achieve the best result for our clients in a cost-effective manner.

Case Study 1.

A leading US injectable company struggled with the huge patent landscape for its barrel lubrication process. The opinion they obtained from the reputed law firm was non-conclusive. We identified the key patents to design around which helped the client to finalize the process in a cost-effective manner.

Case Study 2.

Our client wanted to develop a US-ANDA, we studied the existing patent landscape, and critical points in ongoing litigation and helped the client in planning well for the earliest dismissal of the litigation proceedings.

Case Study 3.

Our client, a multinational company with a specialized portfolio of women healthcare products, asked for our help in screening and analyzing the patent landscape for their differentiated products (existing as well as pipeline) to support their product development. We not only helped them with competitive scrutinizing but also identified white spaces to enable the scientist to develop novel and inventive products. We supported them to timely protect their patent rights by filing patent applications for the said products.

Case Study 4.

Our client which has a range of biological, biotech, and pharmaceutical products in the Indian & global market approached us to look at their patent portfolio. We screened the patent portfolio considering the market changes, business interest, business value, strength of the patent, enforcement possibility, and the purpose that application/patent serves & the value it brings. The client could save not only the money being spent on prosecution & maintenance but also identify the patents which are enforceable.

They also approached us for an assessment of their antibody process and antibody sequence. We supported them with our in-depth analysis of IP terrain and drafted patents to protect the IP rights.

We also did an in-depth analysis of the injectable device that they planned to use in their pharmaceutical product. We helped the scientist choose the right device required for their development and supported them in obtaining the necessary IP clearance documents to use the same in specific products and markets.

Case Study 5.

One of our European clients which manufacture, and markets generic pharmaceutical products for direct selling and dossier out-licensing, approached us for one of its products, which was under development for several years. Our in-depth analysis of the patent landscape and ongoing litigation gave them an insight into their position as a late entrant in the market, so they decided to drop the product. Since then, we are consulted for IP strategy confirmation on all the key products under development.

Case Study 6.

One of the European pharma start-ups which work across dosage forms, therapeutic areas, and market channels, hired us as their IP partners, we are not just conducting the freedom to operate analysis but also helping them track the ongoing proceedings at EPO & European Courts on critical patents/applications. So that they can prioritize the portfolio based on early entry possibility. In a short period, they have launched multiple products and we are proud to be part of their exciting journey.

Case Study 7.

A US company run by professional clinicians, industry veterans & product development experts, works on identifying novel therapeutics/products. We help them with landscape and protection of their products by drafting patent applications for filing at USPTO.

Case Study 8.

One of the clients having the US & Europe as key geographies of business interest approached us to identify long-term injectables with a possible entry in a specified period. After understanding their capabilities, and infrastructure, we screened the products, patent landscapes, and ongoing proceedings, and identified a few opportunities for ANDA filing in US & Europe.

Case Study 9.

A fully integrated pharmaceutical company with an established presence across the globe, involved in the CMO & CDMO business of pharmaceutical preparations in various dosage forms catering to diverse therapeutic categories approached us for patent landscape, FTO, and advice on design around one of their products.

Now we are handling their entire development pipeline, also supporting them in extending their products to the UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

Case Study 10.

A fast-growing pharmaceutical company focused on providing innovative product solutions to the global market, approached us for patent infringement and validity dispute concerning our client’s innovative & best-selling product. We advised them on how to commence proceedings against the alleged infringer.

Case Study 11.

Advised one of the API manufacturing companies on Patent V. Trade secret for their process for one of the key APIs. Helped them choose the right approach.

Case Study 12.

One of the big US law firms approached us for the Identification of Para-IV position on a few products for their client. The products had multiple OB patents listed, including the purity, composition & MoU patents. Based on our analysis, the client could secure the First-to-File position on these products.

Case Study 13.

One of the investor start-up companies approached us for due diligence on a few ANDA projects for acquisition. With our in-depth patent landscape and ongoing litigation analysis, they could understand the prospective client’s strategy and decide on acquisition/investment concerning the products.

Case Study 14.

A European start-up company wished to file an ANDA for a complex product in the US market. We helped them with a detailed product litigation review, identified critical patents and applications, analyzed their development strategy, and supported them in developing a product design with an adequate filing strategy to minimize litigation risk and have a possible early entry opportunity.

Case Study 15.

Our clients, a fully integrated, established pharmaceutical company with a presence across the globe, approached us to design their product portfolio for specific regulated markets. We are providing them with an in-depth business analysis of the said markets and, based on detailed patent and business analysis, helping design the next three-year product pipeline for them.

Case Study 16.

A fast-growing pharmaceutical company focused on providing innovative product solutions to the global market approached us to analyze their innovative products for patentability, and we provided detailed analysis along with white-space determination for them. We also supported them through product development and protected their IP rights by drafting and filing patents for their novel technology and API process.

In the process, we also drafted a patent policy for them.

Case Study 17.

A well-known Indian university with multiple pharmaceutical institutes across India approached us to help them with the basic requirements of an IP cell. We amended their existing IP policy and devised a patent questionnaire for researchers to disclose their inventions for patent analysis to attorneys. We also supported them in patent drafting, filing (of inventions developed by research participants or faculty members), and prosecuting the same.

Case Study 18.

A US registered company started by industry veterans & product development experts wanted support for their nanosuspensions formulation, which exhibits improved absorption and a fast onset of action. We helped them with IP landscape, white space identification, analysis of technical data to identify the patentable matter.

Case Study 19.

A specialty pharmaceutical company that specializes in providing innovative, high-quality medicines that serve overlooked patients in different therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, central nervous system, endocrine, gastro-intestinal, anti-infective, oncology medicines, etc. They approached us to perform white-space analysis for a few existing drugs to be administered in different dosage forms. We provided a detailed report of the same for several products in a short span of time.

Case Study 20.

A leading multinational pharmaceutical company attorney group approached us to understand the Indian Patent Law. We presented the nuances (with representative case laws) to them in detail. Now, they turn to us for every query on Indian Patent Law, to understand and access the strength of particular litigation or opposition in India, the market entry date for their generic arm in India, and their freedom to operate in Indian markets.

Case Study 21.

A niche pharmaceutical company committed to providing innovative and generic ophthalmic, inhalation (for nebulization), and specialty products approached us for patent infringement and validity analysis for their innovative generic products. We supported them with detailed validity analysis and also helped them decide their dossier filing strategy to enable them to minimize litigation risk and obtain a possible early entry into the US market.