Our Services

We provide complete IP Life-cycle services ranging from IP landscape, Freedom to operate analysis, validity analysis, IP Creation, IP Prosecution to IP Monetization, IP Litigation support and IP Management.


  1. Comprehensive patent searching with analysis &
    opinion for:
      i. Prior art
      ii. Novelty
      iii. Patentability
      iv. Freedom to operate analysis (FTO)
      v. Invalidation
      vi. Litigation support
      vii. White space analysis 
  2. Drafting provisional & complete patent specifications for India and
  3. Filing and prosecuting applications at the Indian Patent Office
    directly or in cooperation with our Indian associates
  4. Filing and prosecuting applications internationally
    in cooperation with our foreign associates

IP Strategy & Counselling

  1. Assessment and management of patent portfolio
  2. Advice on long-term IP strategy
  3. Risk identification, assessment & mitigation associated with
    product launch
  4. IP litigation strategy & execution (with our Indian/Foreign
  5. IP and technology due diligence for acquisition targets
  6. Life Cycle Management
  7. Patent enforcement & monetization
  8. Advice on building an In-House IP team and IP processes

Product selection

  1. Product selection of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and
    Generics products
  2. Opportunity identification for Para IV, First to File, First to market,
    and 505(b)(2) opportunities
  3. Identifying niche areas for IP-driven Business Development

IP training & awareness program

  1. We design and facilitate customized IP workshops and webinars
    covering an array of topics based on the need of the client.
  2. Representative audience groups include
      i. Research & Academic Institutes
      ii. In-House IP groups/Lawyers of multinational Pharma
      iii. Business and management teams
  3. Topics covered
      i. IPR in Healthcare
      ii. Latest developments in Indian pharma patent litigation
      iii. Repurposed drugs
      iv. Balancing innovation & affordability and promoting
      v. Pharmaceutical Patents, Portfolio Management &
          Unleashing the value of IP assets
      vi. Importance of IP for Pharma/Biotech companies
      vii. Basics of Patent
      viii. Patentability criteria
      ix. Patent application process
      x. Regulatory pathways
      xi. Generic Products/ 505(j) ANDA & Hatch Waxman act
      xii. Innovative/differentiated products/
      xiii. Freedom to operate analysis/Infringement (literal & DoE)
      xiv. Latest updates on key judgements across US, Europe, India,
             Australia & China
      xv. Polymorph patents