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Poonam Raghuvanshi Founder Analysing and strategizing Intellectual property has become relatively simpler today, with the help of Patent and Trademark service providers in the market. ipEssentia is a boutique Intellectual Property firm with freshly brewed enthusiasm, empowered by decades of experience in building & leading the in-house Intellectual Property functions of multinational companies. The company has the deep industry knowledge and exceptional IP legal expertise. Led by experts ­ Dr. Poonam Raghuvanshi and Dr. Alka Mehta, the company has years of experience combining their understanding of the Pharmaceutical industry, technologies, business strategy with the in-depth expertise of IP. This creates a perfect bridge between the industry and strategic advisory process that a pharma company needs. Some of the major offerings of ipEssentia can be categorised into a range of legal and strategic IP services, helping its clients through product development, IP protection, regulatory analysis, commercialisation of IP across borders to realize the maximum proper business value of the assets. Providing IP Life-cycle Services The company offers complete IP Life-cycle services ranging from IP landscape, Freedom to operate analysis, validity analysis, IP Creation, IP Prosecution to IP Monetization, IP Litigation support, and IP Management. The key emphasis is direct experience of global rollouts of IP management and IP portfolios. Therefore, the company offers seasoned advice around the product selection, specifically targeting towards a creative, innovative, and brand-building product, based on the unique portfolio and specific therapy presence for each company in markets of business interest. The company’s practical experience of multiple clients and working in multiple jurisdictions, around different products enables it to translate into the most effective IP protection and into the commercialisation of what the client has as their product portfolio. The clients come to the company with their pain points regarding IP-based product launches like basic improvements in the launching strategy from a risk mitigation standpoint or the perfect timing for the product launch to effectively exploit the product from a time and cost perspective. ipEssentia helps its clients to overcome these challenges by drafting a clear-cut and strategic set of solutions.



Dr. Alka Mehta, Co-Founder The company has a strict approach to compliance and it is very conservative in ensuring that confidentiality and conflict clearance is dealt with a clean and consistent approach. This is the most important rule that the company adheres to, for a long-term existence and brand building. A Constant Watch-out for Technological Innovations is Important The company believes in timely identification and analysis of risk factors before planning and mitigation of the same. ipEssentia uses the latest patent databases, litigation databases, updates, Company data, competitive & analytics tools to get the complete picture of the product across the globe. ipEssentia is upgraded with the latest technology and tools. This is possible through constant watch-out for technological innovations in the concerned field. ipEssentia aspires to deliver quality work, by focusing on building long-term business relationships so that the clients can be benefitted from the strategic advice and the company can handhold them through the entire process from product selection to launch. The current goal for the company is to establish itself as the preferred IP firm across start-ups, generics, and innovator life sciences companies for innovative IP solutions & strategic advice.

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