A Needle in a Haystack


Pharma clients normally ask for product identification. Product identification is an elaborate process and one needs to go stepwise, whether identification is for generic dosage form or active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Identification process starts with understanding client’s objectives, current portfolio, current capabilities (both from R&D and Marketing penetration perspective), budget & strategic goals. Next step is to carry out market analysis to understand the competition, prevalent technologies and potential unmet needs. Then comes the brainstorming with people from R &D, Business, IP and regulatory etc. to generate & review ideas from different perspectives. There are, of course, many further intricate choices that one needs to make to arrive to most suitable products which not only complement the current portfolio but also differentiate it from the competition.

Product identification is the most crucial strategic consideration for both generic dosage form & API manufacturers. Therefore, having an experienced Product Identification partner may help spotting the right opportunities and save cost & time.

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